New Book: Cyber War in Perspective: Russian Aggression against Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine appears to have all the ingredients for “cyber war”. Moscow and Kyiv are playing for the highest geopolitical stakes, and both countries possess a high level of expertise in information technology and computer hacking. However, there are still many skeptics of cyber war, and more questions than answers. Malicious code is great for espionage and crime, but can it help soldiers on the battlefield? Does computer hacking have any strategic effects? What are the political and military limits to digital operations in peacetime and in war?

This NATO-funded research project, undertaken by 20 leading authorities on national security and network security, is a benchmark for world leaders and system administrators, and sheds light on whether “cyber war” is reality -- or science fiction. Further, it helps decision makers to understand that their choices today have ramifications for democracy and human rights tomorrow.

*Free download* from the NATO Cyber Centre (CCD COE):