World Cyber Commands: in their own words

Let’s have a quick look around the world, to see how various militaries are currently explaining their perspectives on "cyber war". 

I will try to point out some key phrases from each website or article.

United States

“U.S. Cyber Command”, U.S. Strategic Command

  • “conduct full spectrum military cyberspace operations”
  • “ensure US/Allied freedom of action in cyberspace and deny the same to our adversaries”
  • “support to combatant commanders for execution of their missions around the world”

United Kingdom

  • “dedicated capability to counter-attack in cyberspace”
  • “if necessary, to strike in cyberspace”


  • “Strategic priority for national sovereignty”
  • “cyber defense is the future of defense in a virtual environment without borders”
  • “Today, every military operation has a cyber component”
  • “the same as earth, sea, air, and space”
  • “cyber defense rests at the highest level of decision-making in the Ministry of Defense”


“IDF in cyber space: Intelligence gathering and clandestine operations”, Israel Defense Forces

  • “a platform to improve operational effectiveness”
  • “relentlessly operating in the field”
  • “thwarting and disrupting enemy projects”
  • “at all fronts and in every kind of conflict”
  • “used to maintain Israel’s quality and advantage over its enemies”
  • “prevent their growth and military capabilities”
  • “influence public opinion”
  • “advocating in the cyber space”
  • “both during war and peace time”
  • “clandestine activity”


“Iran to launch first cyber command”, Press TV (15 Jun 2011)

  • “establish its first cyber command”
  • “to counter ‘soft warfare’”


Petrova, Anastasia. “Russia to get cyber troops” (16 Jul 2013) Vzglyad (Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines

  • “Putin believes that the “firepower” of information attacks could be higher than that of conventional weapons”
  • “monitoring and processing information coming from the outside”
  • “A cyber war is already on”
  • “delivering counter strikes if needed”
  • “second in importance only to nuclear arms”

Petrova, Anastasia. “Russia to get cyber troops” (16 Jul 2013) Vzglyad (Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines

  • “Cyber weapons are widely used in military conflicts”
  • “Israel leads the way in this area … American protection ranks second”



“China: U.S. hacking report groundless”, China Military Online (22 Sep 2014)

  • “neither the Chinese government nor its military has ever engaged in or supported any cyber attack or espionage activities”


– Kenneth Geers